British Conservatives: Not Very Conservative By U.S. Standards

By Catherine Mayer – German bombs are not once more falling on Birmingham, the U.K.’s second city, violently reconfigured by the Luftwaffe during World War II, but Europe’s turbulence is waging a Blitzkrieg on Britain’s economy.

Prime Minister David Cameron channeled his country’s wartime premier Winston Churchillas he took to the stage to give the leader’s speech. He was somber. He wore a funereal black suit and purple tie and stood stock still at the lectern, eschewing the shirt-sleeved, note-free, podium-pacing informality that had won him plaudits at earlier party conferences. Despite the IMF’s warning that pressing on with planned budget cuts might further stifle growth, Cameron signaled his determination to continue with deficit reduction policies he believes essential to restore British competitiveness.

“The truth is this,” he intoned. “We are in a global race today and that means an hour of reckoning for countries like us.” more>

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